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Technology in the Marketing Information System

Technology in the Marketing Information SystemWe must consider that the importance of our marketing plan, or market research plan is based on opportunities. And for that, the commitment of the company to your audience is to create image with values, goals and objectives allows us to anticipate events and determining strategies.

Today we see the theme of communication and commitment as part of service quality used in the development of our work, also the use of technology as an information system.

We will ever read, heard someone say: “Every New technology replaces an old” or “New technologies create new markets and opportunities.” For the truth, outstanding strength today is the technology, which is so occupied in all areas of our labor market and different careers.

The rise of social networks, the use of database … made an interconnection with the world via the Internet and create a cultural environment more accessible to all allows us to take the necessary care to the selection of appropriate information.

We also of course the main value of communication is honesty, however humble it may sound, it is important to improve the information exchange fluent speech. We all know the communication process, have a transmitter and a receiver, the media can be: emails, social networks, phone or dealing directly employed. This therefore allows us to know our brand, product and profit, likewise, we can spread our offers and learn more about the expectation perceived by our users and response involving our product or service.

It should be noted at this: “our commitment to our customers goes hand in hand with our offerings,” offer or exaggerate the benefit of our product or service, sell the fact, can be fatal to the image of our company. Like to say, that Marketing does not sell false promises and in some cases I’ve heard, sells products or services created by the need of the people. The commitment and responsibility we offer are in good professional hands in Marketing, there is nothing healthier than the sincerity and the satisfaction of our customers, because they will talk about us and their experience with our product or service.

Turning to technology as acces database, sql, oracle … today have contributed to a better use of information required for the analysis or promotional campaigns in the market for immediate attention in it we can find defined segmentation according to gender, age, district or preference. Thus, this allows us to have communication with customers, registered users, or potential buyers, who expect from our services more easily and fingertips.

To do this, technological advances now offer us a great development in the global commercial development, providing great opportunities to market through information.

Thus, viral marketing communication, involving the database and information system that allows us to-develop or expand-our promotional concept. To then give out to target customers by sending emails because we can inform, sell or export items according to taste or preference, as our list stored in the data record.

We must also consider that the misuse or abuse of them, may cause dissatisfaction from the point of view of the consumer, or even considered disrespectful, as this can disturb a client if it is driven with caution.

In conclusion, a database should be handled with responsibility and professional commitment, to whom they pass information through it.